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Shirdi Weather

Climate: Dry Climate
Temperature: Max - 40°C, Min - 7°C
Monsoon: Scanty rains (June - August)

Shirdi is located in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra on latitude 19°45' N and longitude 74°25' E. This pilgrim spot has mostly dry climate and during summers the temperature can be quite volatile. During summers you can expect the temperature shooting as high as 40°C in the month of May. Winters can be cold in Shirdi, with January often showing temperature dipping to as low as 7°C.

Shirdi has the most pleasant weather during Monsoons, between June and August. It is the time when the surroundings of Shirdi turn fecund and greenery is all round. However, Monsoons in Shirdi are mild with scanty rains and hence they come as a pleasant respite that never gets ruined with excess of rains. In fact Monsoons are the best time when you can plan your visit to Shirdi. Amidst the drizzling you can pay homage to Saibaba and participate in all the activities without bothering about sweat.

Weather and overall climate of Shirdi is quite tolerable; however, those hailing from cold countries may find it slightly upsetting if they happen to tread in here in the summer. Wear comfy clothes with cotton fabric. Loose garments are preferable; one must respect India's dressing sense and they should not be offensive to anyone's sensibilities.