Know about how to reach Saibaba of Shirdi, the modes to get to Shirdi and traveling to Sai Baba of Shirdi.

Shirdi Travel Tips

Location: Ahmednagar district, Maharashatra
Climate: Dry Climate
Temperature: Max - 400C, Min - 70C
Languages: Marathi, Hindi and English
Best time to visit: June to August (Monsoons)
Special Day: Every Thursday
Attractions: Samadhi Mandir, Guru Sthan, Khandoba Temple
Nearest Airport: Aurangabad (144km)
STD Code: 02423

Shirdi is among the top in the World's spiritual map. Located in Ahmednagar in Maharashtra, Shirdi is thronged by thousands devotees from across the world, every day. Shri Saibaba being the living deity of this small place, it is the complete faith and conviction over Saibaba that invites pilgrims and other tourists to Shirdi.

Some of the traveling tips while you come to Shirdi are always handy and useful. The sacred abode of Shri Sai Baba at Shirdi is easily accessible from all the corners of India and even from all the major cities of the world. If you are coming from outside India, the nearest International airport to Shirdi is Mumbai. From Mumbai you could take private taxis, board a bus directly to Shirdi. You can also catch a train from VT to Manmade station. Here you will have to take a bus or cab to reach Shirdi. For domestic pilgrims, you could reach up till Nashik or Aurangabad by air and then you will have to get to Shirdi by bus or cab.

Plan your time to visit Shirdi well in advance, because this is no ordinary tourist site, instead a holy land and so your trip to Shirdi could be more of a spiritual journey. You can enrich your visit during the three major festivals that are celebrated with great fervor and excitement. You can come here on Ramanavami held in March/April. Trip down to Shirdi on Guru Purnima held in July. Vijayadashmi which is also celebrated in Shirdi as Shri Sai Punyatithi is held in October and surely offers another big time to come here.

As a travel tip you must know that in Shirdi accommodation is never a problem. There are hotels of all levels. Five star, three star, simple budget accommodations, you name it and Shirdi has it.

The weather at Shirdi is generally dry and Monsoons are quite pleasant with scanty rains and cool breeze. Winter is quite cold but never harsh. You can come to Shirdi during Monsoons that is between June and August.

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